Organic Coffee: Peru Swiss Water® Decaf 16 oz.


Roast: Dark

Story:  Bordered by Colombia and Brazil, Peru has consistently building a global reputation for producing high quality Arabica beans.  Starting with Fair Trade Organic green coffee beans, the Swiss Water® Process (SWP) uses the elements of water, temperature and time - without toxic chemicals (such as methylene chloride) to create small batches of 99.9% caffeine free coffee.   

Undeniably amazing decaffeinated coffee and our in-house choice for decaf coffee drinks... including lattes and Americanos!

Cup: Dark chocolate, cherry, raisin and sweet.

Certifications:  Fuel So Good Coffee Roasters maintains certification documentation of origin lot traceability.  This coffee is certified as meeting requirements of Fair Trade USA and certified USDA Organic. 

Sustainable Packaging:  We use compostable coffee bags and a green printing method known as thermal printing.  This printing process produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper as the paper passes over the thermal print head. During the process, the coating turns black in the areas where it is heated thus producing an image.  This technology requires no ink and reduces paper waste.   We hope you love this eco-friendly approach to packaging as much as we do!

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