Thanks for stopping by - it's so nice to meet you.

My name is Brenda and I enjoy sharing good times (especially in Tennessee and Florida) with my wonderful husband, family and friends.  We have two spoiled dogs, Muzz and Java.  I've been a coffee roaster and recipe developer for several years at our coffee/bakery shop which my son and daughter-in-law now own.

If I could use one phrase to explain what this site is all about it would be simple:  Embrace the joyful and entertain with ease. Throughout my life and the many homes I've lived in, I've developed a greater sense of appreciation for my roots, especially for my great grandparents who were peasants in Lithuania immigrating to New York state, and my grandparents who were dairy farmers and bee keepers.  No matter the occasion, gatherings seemed to be filled with warmth, intention and love.  It didn't matter if the dishes or flatware matched, it was part of feeling at home and cherishing family and friends.  We can assume that while our forefathers experienced a life of uncertainty and perseverance they felt pretty much blessed for all they had. 

With deep roots in nature-inspired upstate New York, I grew passionate about handcrafted products finding that they brought joy by both their aesthetic and their story.   I appreciate the character of "old world meets modern farmhouse" as it makes a perfectly imperfect gathering feel just right in the ways that matter most - reminiscent of heartfelt Sunday dinners at grandma's farmhouse long ago.  

Beyond all the aesthetics, one can cherish thoughtfully designed, functional and ethically handcrafted products because collectively our impact in supporting these makers (and pieces) is greater than we could ever know.  My promise is to always offer quality crafted, sustainable home goods for intentional living - and hopefully you, too, will find a reconnection to the meaningful stories of your forefathers.

Embrace the Joyful!



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