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handcrafted organic coffee, pottery & linens

Clean, simple and perfectly imperfect entertaining and serving pieces bring joy to the table. Our handcrafted goods are created to be part of a beautifully simple lifestyle. Whether you are sipping small batch roasted Fair Trade Organic Coffee from a hand thrown durable stoneware mug or hosting company with artisan crafted serving pieces, you are choosing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fuel So Good Coffee + Company is about creating a memorable experience with family and friends in a naturally comfortable way.  It’s about enhancing relationships with guests because every detail at your gathering feels just right.  As a family-owned business, we are committed to those who embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.  Just as our forefathers, we believe anyone can live in a more purposeful way through their appreciation of craftspeople. Your impact is greater than you think and we thank you. From our family to yours here’s to creating meaningful moments – and sharing exceptional coffee!